Learn vROPS like Expert


Before moving I would like to thanks to¬† Iwan’e1′ Rahabok & Sunny Dua for there great job and Remarkable blog post for vRealize Operation Manager.

Got an opportunity to listen Iwan’e1′ Rahabok after that workshop my way of thinking and handling operation got changed, So once again thanks to you all Legend.

iWAN e1

In pic from Right to Left, Iwan ‘e1’, ME (Kuver) and RAM, clicked during an workshop.

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vRealize 6.x Default root password blank


I found something new and strange that vRealize 6.5 and vRealize log insight 4.3 default root password is none (No password). For more info please see Mr. IWAN post.

vRealize root password

vRealizeThank you iWAN to save my time.

For more info see this vROPS 6.5 Release Notes

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