How to use VMware Management Assistant

Hello Geeks,

Here I am sharing few steps about effective use of vMA < VMware vSphere Management Assistant> in our infra.

Step-1 : How to install VMware vMA <VMware Management Assistant>, always try to choose latest vMA appliance or Compatible to your VI-Infra.

Thanks Note: I am very thankful to great Folks and Bloggers who help us a lot and make our life easier through sharing their knowledge and experience with us.

To install VMware vMA here I am referring to use this blog and Thanks to Paul Braren please follow him t@ paulbraren:

Step-2: vMA Login

Enter the vMA IP or Hostname in Putty and Save it as vMA-abc01.

Accept the certificate.

Use vMA Credentials as below

User: vi-admin

Password: as you set.


Step-3: Here some basic command to prepare your vMA to use….

1- To see the list of server use below command:

vi-admin@ABCXAY01:~> vifp listservers <Output should be Nill>

2- How to add server <ESXi & vCenter> in vMA:

vi-admin@ABCXYZ01:~>vifp addserver <ESXi IP or hostanme> -authpolicy aduth — username <user your credentials as vCenter>

For Example “vifp addserver –authpolicy adauth –username ADDOMAIN\\user1”

<Note: Please be sure about ESXi Host integrated with Active Directory>

  1. To Choose your server for work:

vi-admin@ABCXYZ01:~>vifptarget –set <ESXi IP or Hostanme>

For Example : “vifptarget –set 192.168.x.y”

Your output should be “vi-admin@ABCXYZ01:~[ 192.168.x.y]> ”

  1. To run or execution of command on selective server:

vi-admin@ABCXYZ01:~[ 192.168.x.y]> esxcli vm process list

For Example :Your output shows all info about vm running on your host with world ID


   World ID: 6940477

   Process ID: 0

   VMX Cartel ID: 6940474

   UUID: 56 4d 65 c1 97 75 44 24-8e gg d2 25 61 c7 f3 27

   Display Name: ABCXYZ02

   Config File: /vmfs/volumes/56013370-352c5df6-ff9c-3440b5b34410/ ABCXYZ02/ ABCXYZ02.vmx


  1. To select another ESXi Host with current active.*** Please repeat and follow <3> option

For example “vi-admin@ABCXYZ01:~>vifptarget –set <ESXi IP or Hostanme> ”

  1. To deselect your current host,

vi-admin@ABCXYZ01:~>vifptarget –clear <ESXi IP or Hostanme>

  1. To exit from vMA.


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