Learn vROPS like Expert


Before moving I would like to thanks to  Iwan’e1′ Rahabok & Sunny Dua for there great job and Remarkable blog post for vRealize Operation Manager.

Got an opportunity to listen Iwan’e1′ Rahabok after that workshop my way of thinking and handling operation got changed, So once again thanks to you all Legend.

iWAN e1

In pic from Right to Left, Iwan ‘e1’, ME (Kuver) and RAM, clicked during an workshop.

Now Let talk about How to start learning of vRealize Operation Manager (vROPS) like an Expert, So what ever here I am suggesting is based on my experience and got more deeper understanding through following below learning pattern like…….. 🙂

# How to understand vROPS?

To understand vROPS use case situations

#How vROPS work?

vROPS Talks

# How vROPS Helpful for virtual Data Center and  Cloud operation?

vROPS Deep Drive Workshop

vROPS webinar Series

#How to Implement vROPS and run Operation?

vROPS Deployment like expert

#vROPS Hands on Lab.

vROPS Hands-On-Lab

# vROPS eBooks are Awesome?

VMware vRealize Operations Essentials

VMware Performance and Capacity Management

Mastering vRealize Operations Manager

Hope above information will help to better understand vRealize operation Manager and feel free to comment if any help required.

Thank you


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