Learn vROPS like Expert


Before moving I would like to thanks to¬† Iwan’e1′ Rahabok & Sunny Dua for there great job and Remarkable blog post for vRealize Operation Manager.

Got an opportunity to listen Iwan’e1′ Rahabok after that workshop my way of thinking and handling operation got changed, So once again thanks to you all Legend.

iWAN e1

In pic from Right to Left, Iwan ‘e1’, ME (Kuver) and RAM, clicked during an workshop.

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VMware Cloud Foundation


As show in below Pic (Pic source : VMware)and VMware Cloud Foundation <vCF> is bundle product include vSphere ESXi, vCenter , vSAN and NSX . Nice and user friendly GUI to start installation using VCF image bundle.


VMware Cloud Foundation Overview

VMware Cloud Foundation in Nutshell

Use below HOL for your hands on and Technical understanding .

VMware Cloud Foundation Hands-On Lab

For Any Query or Doubt see the below KB:

VMware Cloud Foundation FAQ

IBM has solution for Hybrid Cloud deployment

IBM for VCF Cloud Solution